10 Reasons Why You Should Support Middlepoint

Why should you financially support Middlepoint Christian Church?  Take a look at these 10 reasons below and realize that God is up to something HUGE in Middlesboro right now!  This is your time to jump on board!

We have set audacious goals.  We believe that God calls us to be good stewards of our resources.  However, many churches use that as an excuse to stay in the safe and not do anything courageous.  We do not do this.  God has called us to specific audacious goals.  We feel that God is leading us to meet in our local movie theater, so that people might come to a familiar and safe place to know about Jesus.  We also want a space in our local mall so that we can be available at a cultural center of the city as much as possible.  Guess what we need in order to do that?  Money.  God has called us to do this, and he might be telling you to give towards this, so that other people (in your own backyard) might know Jesus.

The days of putting up a sign and waiting are over.  In the 20th century, we could have started a church by renting or purchasing a small building, putting up a sign, and then waiting for people to file into our doors.  Believe me, I wish it was that easy today.  But it isn’t.  The days of putting up a sign and waiting are behind us.  We must meet people where they are.  Guess what that takes?  Money.  In order to show people that we care, we must have the financial resources available to meet needs, wherever people are.

Partnering with a ministry is an opportunity, not a burden.  Some people ask how I can seemingly and unabashedly ask for money for Middlepoint.  It’s because of two things.  First, God is leading us to start this church.  There’s no questioning that.  I’m passionate about it, so I will ask people over and over to give to this worthy cause.  Secondly, it should be a magnificent opportunity to partner with a church plant like Middlepoint financially.  You have the privilege of giving to a movement of God that is changing lives, and you can visit it anytime you want!  Also, it shows that you care about what happens in your own backyard.  There are many worthy causes to give financially to, and this church plant is no less worthy.

We rely on your financial support for the time being.  Unlike an established church, we do not have the faithful tithing of church members.  So everything we do is relies on you, the faithful supporter.  Some might say that they will wait until we launch, then support us.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d love for you to do that.  But we need financial support now for all of the start-up costs and up-front prices for things.  To just rent a space for worship experiences and have adequate equipment to facilitate the experience puts a church into thousands of dollars budget range.  So, we need your support!

We don’t have a national organization paying for things.  Many church plants are planted through regional or national networks, which is great.  I have many church planting friends who are doing that, and that particular network takes care of much of the cost for planting.  Or, if they don’t have that, they have a combination of a network and a mother church.  Middlepoint does not have either of those things.  Although we have a network that coaches me through the process of planting, all of our support comes from faithful people like you.

Every dollar counts.  Some people are hesitant to give because they think that their financial help won’t even make a dent into the need.  Trust me, it will!  We are thankful for every cent that comes in to help plant Middlepoint Christian Church.  Every dollar that you give goes towards the ministry of making Jesus known in Middlesboro.  What other mission could be better to give your money to?

It makes a kingdom impact.  If you’re a Jesus follower, then you know how important the Kingdom of God is.  There are plenty of great organizations that exist to give your money to.  However, only a handful of those great organizations make a lasting kingdom impact (as in, they promote the words and news of Jesus Christ).  Many parachurch organizations are making a kingdom impact.  So are we.  We are a church, in every sense of the word.  We are seeking to create a church where unchurched people may encounter God.  That’s a great thing to give financially to.

Community outreach costs.  We have some great ideas already running wild through Middlepoint about how we can best reach out to our city.  But guess what these ideas take?  You’re right – money!  Even something as simple as handing out water at a festival or coffee to the early morning Black Friday shoppers (I’m excited to do this, if we get the financial help) takes money.  And the more elaborate ideas cost even more.  Here’s the good news, though: YOU can partner with us to make sure these things happen.  Just think of the lives that will be changed just because you decided to give!

Resources cost, and things break.  You may not know what all is involved in a church start-up.  You know all the things that your established church has that helps facilitate the ministry that happens?  We would love to have all of those things.  Just think, if we decide to just meet in a big room, then we’ll need the following things: Sound equipment, staging, seats, tables, signs, Bibles to hand out, bulletins, and printing costs.  That’s just naming a few things, and we’re not mentioning the storage space we’ll need to rent to store these things during the week and the trailer to transport them to our meeting space!  As you can tell, all the things that established churches kind of take for granted, we’ll need to buy as soon as possible.  You can make that happen.

Church planting isn’t a “fad.”  It’s been around for thousands of years.  Church planting has proved to be successful ever since it was made famous by Paul.  Giving your money to a cause and a ministry like this is the equivalent of you saying that you want to get behind this life-giving ministry opportunity!  It’s not some kind of new “thing” that is so risky that it isn’t worth it.  Church planting has proved to be successful, and you can be a part of this process.

I am extremely passionate about what is going on in Middlesboro.  I have no problem asking for financial help from you because I know that God is up to something so wild and crazy in Middlesboro, that all we can do is grab on and wait for take-off.  Call me crazy if you want to, but God has been preparing the hearts and lives of my wife and me for a time such as this.  God is going to do something great in Middlesboro.  Now is your time to stand with us and support what is happening.  If you want to support us, go to www.middlepoint.org/support-middlepoint.html and click “Donate” or email me at middlepointchurch@gmail.com to find out how to send us a check.