An Open Letter About Middlepoint

In 2011, my wife and I were following God’s leading as we packed up a U-Haul and left Norfolk, VA, traveling all the way to Grayson, KY.  We weren’t sure what was next, but we knew that God was leading us back to Kentucky.  For that, we are both grateful.

In 2012, we found what we thought was the reason God led us back to the Bluegrass State.  We were going to move to Middlesboro, KY, and plant a new church.  We were excited and grateful.

In 2013, we moved to Middlesboro and met all kinds of wonderful people from different walks of life.  Some of the best friendships I have now have been made in the past year in Middlesboro.  For that, we are grateful.

It’s with a grateful, yet saddened heart, that I have to announce that Middlepoint Christian Church is shutting down.  After much prayer, conversation, and wise counsel, Amy and I feel that this is the best thing for our family.  As you know, I’ve worked closely with the Kentucky Church Planting Partnership.  We have their full support as we move forward from here, and they will be handling the future of any independent Christian church plant that may happen in Middlesboro.  I ask for your prayer for them as they continue to seek God’s direction for this wonderful city.

This was not an easy decision.  I’ve shed tons of tears and heartache, praying and seeking, as we have made this decision.  But, we feel God’s peace about this.  Let me be clear: God is moving in Middlesboro.  I’ve talked to too many pastors, ministers, priests, community leaders, and local politicians to think otherwise.  Within the past two years, this city has seen a huge turn-around, and Amy and I are honored to have been a part of it.  What God is doing in this city is nothing short of a miracle.  Keep looking at the crater in southeastern Kentucky, because you’re going to be hearing about some huge things going on here soon.

A piece of my heart and Amy’s heart will always be in Middlesboro.  We moved here with the intention of raising our kids here.  We had goals, and I even joked about the things I would say at the 10 year and 20 year anniversary of Middlepoint Christian Church, and how our son would play football for Middlesboro High School.  But, as what sometimes happens, God has other plans.  For that, we are grateful.

Amy and I are searching for what’s next.  We have some interviews scheduled, and our future is something God knows.  We take comfort in that, although it isn’t easy sometimes.  We are looking forward to what God has in store, especially since we want to put down roots and make a home somewhere.

I ask for your continued prayers and support as Amy and I move forward.  I also ask for your prayers and support as KCPP leads the charge in loving God and loving people in Middlesboro.  Although some might look at Middlepoint as a “failed church plant,” I am confident that this is a victory for the Kingdom of Heaven.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Amy and I, above all, are grateful.


One thought on “An Open Letter About Middlepoint

  1. Sean,
    I tried to get in touch with you through facebook and can’t find you. I’m still hoping maybe God has got us together in some way. I hope God wants you to stay in the area. Holler if I can help.

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